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Bill Person for Hillsborough School Board

2018 Campaign Platform


With your support, I will bring change and a brighter future for all students, teachers,

employees, and communities in Hillsborough County. As a former Chairman of the

Department of Education-Florida School Choice Parent Advisory Council, and as a

Hillsborough County teacher, principal, district director, and general director, my

educational experience provides proven leadership and competency in addressing

the school district’s immediate needs. After a rewarding and successful 35-year

career, I know well the district’s demands and priorities. I am most willing, confident,

and able to make a positive difference in the daily operations and future success of

Hillsborough Schools.


My Commitment

1. I will directly address and resolve the district’s financial crisis.

2. I will provide needed leadership and stability within the school board.

3. I will strengthen district senior administrative leadership.

4. I will renew faith, trust, and caring with all employees.

5. I will establish and maintain reasonable and fair employee compensation though successful bargaining with employee representative groups.

6. I will refocus the school board and administrative leadership on schools, students, teachers, employees, and communities.

7. I will positively influence state legislators and other government leaders toward better funding our school district.

8. I will challenge and resist all forces that threaten the district via expanded for-profit charter-operated schools, increased student vouchers, and privatization of our school district.

9. I will renew school board and school district credibility with the entire Hillsborough County community by supporting initiatives that address unmet district financial needs.

10. I will establish a high priority in retaining valuable and experienced teachers, administrators and other employees, while promoting the recruitment of highly qualified personnel.

Teacher Voice – Episode 17

BP Campaign Pic
Bill Person – Candidate for HCPS School Board – District 6

The latest guest on the Teacher Voice podcast is Bill Person, an Air Force veteran, a retired teacher and administrator with 35 years of experience, as well as a public education advocate. We sat down to discuss his current candidacy, his close race for the District 1 seat in 2016, and what needs to be done to help the current situation facing our school district.

Podcast originally aired here.

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